"Sandman" Slim


Skill Tree:
5- Medical
4- Science, Resolve
3- Agility, Communications (space), Alertness
2- Profession: Doctor, Stamina, Survival, Slug Thrower (combat)
1- Arts, Culture/Tech, Bureaucracy, MicroG, Energy Weapons (combat)


- Swap a skill: Medical
- Take a Bonus
- Dilettante: Mimic an opponent’s last used skill (with a -2 penalty, to a maximum of 2)

Growing Up: “Curious to the death” / “Eidetic memory”

Sandman’s life began in the typical abode of a Mir family: a fungus-laden cave encased in radiation. As a child, he became enamored with the somatic acts required of all Mir to maintain old life-support technology, memorizing dozens of strict rules, patterns, and hand gestures. His overabundance of curiosity cost him his freedom one day when he stumbled upon an old distress beacon left over from the Mir-Tannhauser war. Within weeks, a Tannhauser scouting craft landed near the village Sandman lived. Terrified by what was perceived as the arrival of a mythical demi-god, most of the villagers fled, with a few slowly escorted into the craft, including Sandman. The ship disappeared into the sky, charted for the only remaining science vessel in the system. Sandman’s fear of his captives coupled with his intense interests and seemingly photographic memory kept the child “interesting” enough to keep him among the staff of the vessel. The fates of the remaining Mir taken aboard are unknown.

When asked what his name was, Sandman could only respond in an archaic version of his tongue. His irradiated and lanky frame earned him the moniker “Sandman Slim.”

Starting Out: “Homesick” / “This guinea pig wants off the wheel.”

In spite of his gaunt, clearly non-Tannhauser appearance, young Slim could always rely on the relative comfort of local science staff – in between shots and EKG readings – to further his preoccupations with anatomy and technology. This also led to his benign captors to poke and prod at the current state of Mir’s culture and psychology. As Slim grew older, and as the staff gathered what data was left out of him, some questioned what would be done with him. Slim himself wished to return home, a choice quickly denied, leaving him increasingly angered at the disrespect of Mir’s long-standing principle of “quid pro quo.”

Moment of Crisis: “What you can do, I can fix” / “This is why we can’t have nice things.”

Bounced around science vessels throughout Tannhauser’s known control, Sandman finally found himself on an interstellar ship touring the Eyesore system. One night while working on-board the ship’s woefully inadequate clinic, Sandman was brought the recently deceased corpse of an Eyesore brawler, accompanied by groups of witnesses and onlookers, including a close companion of the brawler, a barely clothed prostitute. On attempt to shoo out all the onlookers and record the etiology of the body’s hamburger-resembling face, the young woman slowly embraced Sandman’s face and, in the next memory he can recollect, found himself shackled to a table, staring at the prostitute now clothed in Tannhauser military garb. For Sandman, this was an increasingly common case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Sidetracked: “Payback’s a bitch” / “Did someone page me?”

After months of long (and playfully intense) interrogation, the Tannhauser captives abandoned a broken and jaded Sandman into the Shodan system. Setting up a one-man clinic in the closest town possible, Sandman began to temper his myriad of slights and offenses against him with the various currencies slipped into his fingers, bandaging and suturing wounds. His liberal patient list included Petey Crass, another unfortunate victim of an allergic reaction to bullets. Out on a distress call, Sandman discovered the heaving torso of Petey and dragged it out of the airlock he rode in on. He kept him in his care for weeks, stitching his wounds and replacing a failing liver. Unfortunately, livers direct from Cin don’t come cheap, as he would later try to explain to the blissfully doped-out-of-his-gourd Petey.

On Your Own: “This will only take a second” / “Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.”

Bound to the debts expected from Petey Crass, as well as a need to satiate his curiosity about his capture and abandonment, Sandman now finds himself as the newest crew-member on board the Pride of Shodan. He takes residence inside a makeshift doctor’s office, serving as the ship’s head surgeon, physician, nurse, psychologist, drug dealer, and impromptu bedpan. For now, he amuses himself with the circus of freaks and ne’er-do-wells he must snore next to, ever quick to remind them that there’s a reason why all bio-phylactic plasma knives have the stenciled warning, “Caution: Aim away from face.”


"Sandman" Slim

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