5- Pilot (Space)
4- Alertness, Tactics
3- Assets, Bureaucracy, Agility
2- AIrcraft, MicroG, EVA, Energy Weapons (combat)
1- Archaeology, Navigation (space), Resolve, Engineering (space), Slug Throwers (combat)


MG Pilot
MG Assets
Piloting Ace

Daggard “Dirk” Heslington IV

Phase One: Growing Up
Born and raised in the Alterica region of Tannhauser to a respected, long standing house. Mother is a high-level diplomat, father served (and still is) as a rear admiral in the Tannhauser fleet. Rich childhood with the finest in Tannhauser education and culture available to him. Distanced from parents due to them spending most of their time either off-world or in other regions of the planet. Closer to childhood friends and his tutor, Rasca Verniculus than his parents. When his parents were around, the importance of the Heslington name was reinforced.

Do I need to tell you who my parents are?
Living in the shadow of his name

Phase Two: Starting Out
Entered into the Tannhauser naval academy, following in the footsteps of his namesakes as far as history remembers. Born with an ocular condition in which his perception of brightness is normalized. Was granted an exception to the piloting school due to his family influence and a set of expensive ocular implants. Cruised through the academy as expected for someone with a rich military background, successful and comfortable but with little needed to prove. Graduated into an interceptor squad which he eventually rose to command.

Of course. I’ve got this. . .
I can see for miles and miles and miles

Phase Three: Moment of Crisis
Assigned to the carrier Momentary Reason in the Eyesore system on a peacekeeping/mining rights enforcement mission, Dirk’s group was patrolling the Crommus IV asteroid when they came under attack from by a rogue conglomerate making a hasty relocation. What should have been an routine engagement quickly turned sour when his ship was crippled and the life support systems where damaged. Faced with a cold, silent death, Dirk was forced to fend for himself completely free of his parents long-reaching influence. Using only a sheared support post, frayed wiring, and a naval-issued mini arc-welder under the radio guidance of Chief Petty Officer Hal, Dirk was able to jury rigged his life support system to sustain himself until picked up by Tannhauser forces.

Touched the Void
I intend to not be shot down again

Phase Four: Sidetracked
While continuing patrol in the Eyesore system, Tannhauser boarded and secured the Sin-based slave labor ship, Rain Delay, destined for a rogue mining site within the system. As a relatively high-ranking officer of the fleet, Dirk was assigned to ground duty to oversee the commandeering of the vessel. Command from above dictated that the ship be overtaken and all inhabitants, including the slaves, killed to avoid the burden of relocation and extra paperwork. Not comfortable with the decision, Dirk was powerless to intervene as local thugs were called in to carry out the “clean-up”. Witnessing the brutality first-hand caused Dirk to question the Tannhauser military-based ideals he had been brought up with and when he’s current tour came up a few patrols later, promptly resigned the service. The one bright spot of this horrendous event was the witnessing of a local thug’s reunion with his destitute mother and his subsequent realization that, despite their vary different backgrounds and dispositions, Dirk and Ronk were both manipulated by the Tannhauser military-industrial complex and would both have to separate from Tannhauser to find or regain their identities.

Might does not make right
Love will find a way

Phase Five: On Your Own
Now a pilot for hire, Hal connected Dirk with Watson Helll, captain of the Pride of Shodan, a ship on the search for tech archeology. While deciding on the job, Dirk met up with Rasca, now a prominent member in the Tannhauser Advancement Society, a group dedicated to advancing Tannhauser’s technology through investigation of Shodan relics. Rasca convinced Dirk of the need for recovery of new tech from Shodan in order for Tannhauser, and the rest of the cluster, to advance beyond the violent conflicts Dirk had recently witnesses. Spurred on by his old friend’s words, Dirk accept the pilot job with the hope that he could establish his own future as well as help with his society’s advancement.

No place like home
That looks like it could come in handy


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