Tech: 3 Slipstream Mastery
Environment: 1 One garden, several hostile worlds
Resources: 1 Rich

Paralyzed by Bureaucracy
We’re almost there
Racing with ourselves

Throughout Tannhauser’s history there has been little to slow its march towards progress. Wars between rival nations had been fought in the past, but since the development of slipstream technology and the formation of the central global federation, internal violent conflict has been limited to small-scale rebellions and the occasional power-hungry minister of the interior. Multiple global political factions have arisen since the formation of the central government, effectively putting an end to geographically separate nations. A brief conflict with neighboring Mir propagated by a coalition of the military and scientific factions, while triggering some planet-side protests, was quickly downplayed by the central government and warranted little more than a footnote to most of the Tannhauser population.

The recent discovery of the Shodan system and its technological artifacts has sparked a new Tannhauser Renaissance. Combining the promise of new, unimagined technology with the practical need for space and resources, Shodan has become the goal of nearly every political faction in their race to control Tannhauser progress. New factions have risen up, religions have returned, and previously forgotten philosophical questions have entered the zeitgeist. The destruction of Mir has been revisited and become a political hotpoint while the relationships between the factions have become increasingly strained, putting pressure on the central government to appease and keep the peace. Metallic green and blue domes are interspaced with transparent growth columns, necessary to keep up the agricultural demands of the affluent homeworld. A local moon supplies the cobalt used to make the superalloys responsible for Tannhauser’s ability to create ships resilient enough for slipstream travel. Cultures have been mostly assimilated, with small pockets here and there retaining a little of their previous national identities. All of the habitable land mass has been settled, with a few off-world colonies both in-system and out.


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