A binary star surrounded by a two billion-mile wide asteroid field. Hard-bitten miners toil around the clock to bring mineral wealth back to Tannhauser.


Tech: 0 Exploring the System
Environment: -3 Barren World
Resources: 1 Rich


“Charged for Every Breath We Take”
“You’re Not From Around Here, Are You?”
“Forgotten Battlefield”

Formation & Structure

Billions of years ago, this system held a single star at its center, surrounded by a series of embryonic planets- or protoplanets- taking shape. Early in the system’s life, a smaller, runaway star became trapped in the gravity well of the primary star. The resulting gravitational change threw the orbits of the protoplanets into complete chaos, eventually causing a chain of mega-collisions that annihilated most of them. The shattered remnants of these bodies now make up the massive asteroid field that is the hallmark of the system.

Eyesore gets its name because the orbital plane of the system’s asteroids closely match that of the binary star at the system center. For observers in the belt, this means that the twin suns eclipse one another every 82 hours. The wildly fluctuating intensity of the sunlight, coupled with the visual interference of countless, tumbling asteroids can be highly disorienting to untrained eye.

A Forgotten Battlefield

With no habitable worlds in the system, the mineral wealth contained in the asteroids themselves drew the attention of both Tannhauser and Mir systems. The mineral rights to these resources were hotly contested between the two powers and sparked numerous small-scale conflicts between them. Although largely forgotten by the rest of the cluster, evidence of these skirmishes still litter the system in the form of abandoned military outposts, debris from patrol craft, hidden weapon/supply caches, anti-ship mines, or even booby-trapped asteroids.

Warning: Contents Under Pressure

Today, Eyesore is home to approximately 10,000 miners and their families. They are scattered throughout the belt, typically living deep within the hollowed-out interiors of its larger asteroids. Life out here is tough, with residents having a well-earned reputation for being self-reliant, tough as nails, and generally suspicious of outsiders.

Mining operations in the Eyesore System are run almost exclusively by a series of competing Mining Conglomerates from Tannhauser. These conglomerates are ruthless in their pursuit of profits, which translates into both the exploitation their workers in-system and continual efforts to undermine efforts of their competitors. Strikes and non-sanctioned or “wildcat” mining operations are expressly forbidden. When discovered, anyone engaging in these behaviors are terminated by conglomerate security with extreme prejudice.

Due to the unforgiving nature of the system, the inherent danger of the work itself, and the oppressive conglomerates, the miners of Eyesore are becoming increasingly restless. There are rumors of a resistance movement taking shape out in the belt, made up of renegades who would shirk the yoke of the Conglomerates through force of arms. Most miners are quick to dismiss these kinds of stories, but knowing glances are still regularly exchanged when news comes in of a deadly accident on a nearby asteroid or when heavily-armed Conglomerate security forces suddenly appear in-system.


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