Cin is little more than a parking lot… a parking lot where pasts are bought and futures are sold

Tech: 0: Exploring System
Environment: -2: Hostile Environment (Gravity but dangerous atmosphere)
Resources: 1: Rich

“Anything for a Price”
“All My Sins Remembered”
“Watch Your Back”

Cin is known throughout the Theia cluster as a haven for criminals, black-marketeers and all other sundry scum and villany Theia has to offer. For all it’s infamy, Cin is largely an empty swath of space with a small smattering of planets and asteroid belts. There are a few resource rich planets in the cluster, but none were worth the time and resources required to terra-form. Most notable is Beacon, a large planet on the far end of the cluster that due to its toxic and corrosive atmosphere is surrounded by an orange corona. It is rumored that there is an indigenous humanoid population and a wealth of resources planetside, but tis inhospitable atmosphere has made it near impossible to explore. Those that have tried have not returned.

Cin was Tanhausser’s first exploration into the slipstream. Due to its dangerous environmnet, they elected to mine its resources instead of expand their empire. They did this through prison labor and share-mining programs. Miners and prisoners both were promised land and resources in Cin when their contract was finished. Though the promise was kept they were left with little to survive in the harsh climate. After Tanhausser stripped the asteroids and worlds of their resources they abandoned Cin to fight their war with Mir.

What has risen in Tanhausser’s wake is a large community of outposts, spacestations, abandoned space hulks and parking lots where anything is on the menu and currency is negotiable.

If you need to find something or get rid of someone, Cin can accommodate you. It’s where one goes to traffic in illict tastes, illegal goods and, most all, information.

For as long as there has been slipstream travel there has been Cin. Some neighboring cultures have used it as a place for experimental technology, secret uprisings, or a place to dump the bodies. In Cin nothing goes unseen and nothing is forgotten. It is a sea of wretches waiting for their opportunity to strike back at what ever led them there.

While planetary environments are harsh and barely livable, that’s nothing compared to the dangers lurking around every corner. There is no government to speak of in Cin. Tanhausser makes empty threats of dominion, but only when they are at a clear advantage. Mostly it is governed by loose coaltions of merchants, thugs, and wackos. Even Machiavelli would have a difficult time understanding the layers of diplomatic arrangements and back room extortion that goes on to keep Cin from completely falling apart. Chances are though, if you’re alive, you’ve paid someone for the priviledge.


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