Watson Helll


Watson Helll

Phase One: Growing Up:
Grew up in a doomed Shodan habitat orbiting a gas giant. Originally tasked with the single purpose of mining the gas giant, the habitat has been able to hang on by luck and perseverance. They built their own self-sustaining bio-dome, figured out how to be more efficient with their recycling etc, but knew they were slowly dying with no real way to reach the next nearest habitat. The communications array was full of stories of the scattered habitats crying out over the airways as they slowly died without the Shodani infrastructure with which to maintain them. Watson spent his time exploring the the dead, closed off portions of the habitat. He was constantly finding and playing with some new piece of apparently dead tech and alarming his parents and habitat members when he made it do…something.
Curiosity Killed the Cat -always exploring the dark, dangerous portions of the habitat
Let’s take this apart and see what makes it tick

Phase Two: Starting Out:
Watson became addicted to finding functional pieces of Shodani tech, be they standalone gadgets, long unused software sub-routines etc. His purpose in life was the pursuit of the old tech. Often the things he found did little to improve life on the habitat. He was regarded by some as an eccentric an by others as an outright danger to the habitat. As he grew older, he gradually became bolder, venturing outside the habitats bulkheads to spacewalk across its exterior in search of new discoveries. His adventures finally culminated in a dangerous trip to a relatively close dead habitat orbiting the same gas giant. His mode of transportation essentially consisted of an ancient vac-suit lashed to an open sled propelled by dangerously unstable homemade explosives. The round trip took almost two weeks, and resulted in a public beating and incarceration by the incensed habitat population. The initial launch of his sled inadvertently caused a rupture in one of the habitats’ bulkheads and loss of atmosphere.
Damn the torpedoes!
The Stars My Destination

Phase Three: Moment of Crisis

Watson is finally released, but his freedom is so restricted that he may as well be imprisoned. He’s forbidden from dealing with or touching anything technical, which is really hard when you’re living on a space station. In desperation, Watson decides to take his exploding sled back out in an attempt to reach what he believes might be a spaceship tethered to the other habitat he explored earlier. As he tries to leave, he finds that his previous path out has been blocked. Watson attempts to open an old and obviously decrepit airlock. As he cycles out into space, he sees a brief spark from a short on the other side of the airlock. Little does he know that the oxygen mix has become too rich in this section due to the malfunctioning environmental systems. The spark immediately causes an explosive inferno which blows through the airlock hatch and launches Watson head over heels out into space. Luckily, Pete and his family happen to be on the tail-end of a supply run to the habitat and pick up Watson’s distress beacon. Watson convinces them to take him to the next habitat where he claims salvage on his very own spaceship and leaves forthwith.
Maybe this will work!
Takes a beating and keeps on ticking

Phase Four: Sidetracked

As it would happen, Watson is wanted for questioning by the Shodani authorities, such as they are, for the destruction of his home habitat. The wanted posters make it clear that he is considered armed and very dangerous. As a result, he has to stick to the shadows and the fringes, associating with all manner of villany and scum just to survive. Now he has to fence or otherwise sell the spoils of his Tech Archaeology simply to stay alive and one step ahead of Shodani law enforcement as well as the Tannhauser expeditionary forces who are becoming more of a presence in the system. This infamy and constant association with the underbelly of society leads to more than one serious scrape for Watson. Probably the worst encounter of this period happens when he is exploring a derelict habitat that is occupied by squatters of the most nefarious type. A local Tannhauser force, tired of the trouble the hab’s inhabitants are causing them, decide to take matters into their own hands. With very little warning, the Tannhauser forces destroy the habitat along with all the inhabitants. Watson, however, has enough of a lead that he is able to make it just to the outside of an airlock before he is blown clear by the habitat’s explosion. He’s saved from his involuntary space-walk by an old acquaintance, Halabaster, who patches him up and drops him off at the POS. Deeply indebted to the crusty old engineer and somewhat fond of his gruff way, Watson constantly badgers Halabaster to come aboard as his chief (and only) engineer.
I get by with a little help from my friends
Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

Phase Five: On Your Own

After his close call with the Tannhauser forces, Watson decided to call in all his favors in order to find a complete, and hopefully more reliable, crew for his POS. This should improve the odds of his survival considerably! To make ends meet, and to feed his Jones for adventure, Watson keeps following the exciting lure of ever yet more exotic and forgotten technologies with his new crew and the POS!

1. To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone…in recent memory.
2. I’d rather be lucky than good.

5 Archaeology
4 Computer (space) Alertness
3 Resolve Stamina Agility
2 MicroG (combat) *Culture Brawling Assets
1 Survival EVA Energy Weapons Science Brokerage

*Ford, Shodan, Cin

1) Have A Thing: The Pride of Shodan
2) Skill Replacement: Archaeology in place of Assets. Comes from having a lot of valuable junk on hand, but it’s not always a reliable source of income/wealth?
3) Have a Thing: Tricorder a.k.a. Quadcorder



Watson Helll

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