Ronk Rymos


Phase I: Growing Up:

Ronk was born the bastard son of a whore who worked in the bowels of The Heart of Gold, an orbital station that was the most notorious brothels in all of Cin. He never knew his father, but wild speculation of his identity abounds. Some say he was stone-cold killer. Others say he was a powerful Tannhauser official sampling the pleasures of Cin while incognito. All agree on one point: that dad was a complete motherfucker.

Early life was rough for Ronk. He eked out an existence as an errand boy, spy, crier, and gopher for the brothel and various underworld scum on the station. He grew up tough and mean… but always longed to see the stars mentioned in the tall tales of the brothel’s customers. Ronk’s dream was realized one day when, while on an errand, he became a stowaway aboard a slip-capable ship bound for the Eyesore system.

Phase I Aspects: Bastard Brave / Born into Brothels

Phase II: Starting Out

Ronk’s upbringing served him well amongst the rough-and-tumble miners of Eyesore. He quickly got a job in a watering hole on the system’s biggest rock, helping the boss run a high-stakes poker game out of the back room for Conglomerate company men. Eventually, as a result of a card game he won (by cheating), he was granted a spot on the crew of a mining ship operating deep in the belt as a rock hauler. After several runs with the crew, who quickly grew to like him, a freak accident deep in a debris field damaged the automated systems of the ship and injured several of the crew. With the destruction of the ship imminent, Ronk was forced to grab the manual laser controls. Whether it was innate skill, or dumb luck, Ronk was able to save the ship by shooting down a swarm of incoming debris. After limping back into port, the crew discovered that the accident was caused as a result of an mistake made by an engineeer in the launch bay. Ronk confronted the man and in the resulting altercation killed him, only to discover that the mistake was an act of sabotage and that the engineer was actually on the payroll of a rival conglomerate.

Ronk’s proficiency with a gun and penchant for quick violence gained him a lot of free beer, attention from the locals… and eventually from his own Conglomerate Security Forces’ Dirty Tricks Division.

Phase II Aspects: Bit of a Temper / Everything’s a Target

Phase III: Moment of Crisis

Ronk’s rise within the ranks of the Conglomerate Security Forces was quick and bloody. During this time, he realized that he had a genuine, God-given gift for violence. The justification was, in some ways, incidental. It slowly dawned upon him that the old stories about his father being a stone-cold killer seemed a bit more plausible. Embracing this, with the help of potent (and conglomerate issued) combat drugs… he learned to be at peace with murder, whether he was killing pirates with a slug thrower, traitors with a garrotte, or rioting miners with a quad-mounted flechette cannon.

This killer instinct ultimately landed him as the leader of a Conglomerate breach team during a joint task force with elements from the Tannhauser Navy pursuing the Rain Delay, a massive carrier-ship from Cin associated with a wildcat mining operation in Eyesore space. As one of the first squads through the breach, Ronk cut a bloody swath through the ship- engaging in brutal firefights with increasingly desperate defenders. After the ship was secured and boarded by Tannhauser navy troops, Ronk engaged in mop-up operations… affectionately referred to as “picking off the wigglies”… on some of the lower decks of the ship. It was during one of these operations, while wading through a cargo hold literally ankle deep in gore…. that he recognized a familiar face on the other end of his diamond-toothed power saw: his mother’s.

Phase III Aspects: Like Father, Like Son / I Blame the Drugs

Phase IV: Sidetracked

After the slaughter onboard the Rain Delay, Ronk ultimately realized that although the spark of a killer may be in his blood, it was the Conglomerate that turned him into a monster through sustained subliminal conditioning and a cocktail of powerful psychotropic drugs. Sickened by what he had become, Ronk vowed to close this vicious circle once and for all… by killing the same high-ranking , Conglomerate company man who indoctrinated him into the Dirty Tricks Divison.

Using his old contacts back at the Hangdog Expression, the very same bar he used to work at when he first entered the Eyesore, Ronk carefully orchestrated a high-stakes poker game in the back room involving his target and a poor dupe with a nice ship. As the night wore on, and the gamblers drifted out or became increasingly lost in their cups… Ronk struck; ultimately killing the company men and beating the officer to death with his bare hands.

Realizing that this final act of murder was a death sentence in the eyes of the Conglomerate forces… Ronk quickly hopped onboard the P.O.S. , the first slip-capable ship out of the system.

Phase IV Aspects: Strange Luck / A Lot of Blood On These Hands

Phase V:On Your Own

p.The poor dupe from the poker game was actually Watson Helll. Watson lost his ship and his entire fortune in a moment… only to get it back when Ronk beat his opponents to death and shoved the elephantine pile of blood-spattered cash his way in exchange for a spot on the P.O.S.

Tramping through the cluster with Watson, picking up strays and chasing rumors of Old Tech has broadened Ronk’s worldview considerably. Although not thoroughly understanding it, Ronk has become fascinated by the Shodani beliefs… particularly of their view of flesh as inherently profane yet capable of being completely transcended.

Phase V Aspects: Something to that Shodani Shit / Tryin’ Real Hard… to Be The Shepherd

Ronk Rymos

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