Peter 'Petey' Crass



Brokerage – 5

Bureaucracy – 4
MicroG – 4

Charm – 3
Agility – 3
EVA – 3

Slug Thrower – 2
Oratory – 2
Tech/Culture – 2: Shodan, Cin, Tannhauser
Stamina – 2

Assets – 1
Communications – 1
Computer – 1
Navigation – 1
Resolve – 1


Extensive Investments – Use Brokerage in place of Assets to calculate Wealth Stress Track
Have a Thing -
Integral Equipment – Synthetic Organs – +1 to Stamina rolls against ingested poisons/alcohol/radiation

Health: OOOO
Composure: OOOO
Wealth: OOOOOO

Growing Up -

Peter Crass was a fairly typical ‘New Shodani’ – eking out a living on an orbital system, paradise just outside the starboard porthole but utterly out of reach. His parents were both pilots who ran in-system routes between various stations and colonies in Shodan. Pete was a tag along on many of these trips and grew up largely in microgravity, taking in ancient sims and other antique entertainments.

Gravity Is A Harsh Mistress
That Boy Always Did Have His Head In The Clouds

Starting Out -

In a system like Shodan there was plenty of value laying about – provided you could get it from point a to b. Peter had the means, and found he enjoyed the wheeling and dealing involved. Soon enough he was turning a tidy profit taking advantage of unused cargo space on his parent’s supply runs. What was junk on an orbital system might well be very valuable to a distant mining colony, and vise versa, and Peter had an uncanny knack for spotting just such opportunity. His wheeling and dealing didn’t always sit well with the locals, however, and he found himself looking down the wrong end of a slug throw more than once. Eventually ‘Petey’ Crass found himself in a situation he couldn’t smooth-talk his way out of, but where diplomacy failed, violence prevailed. Before long, “Petey” was not only trading in semi-functional tech but also in less reputable goods and services.

Buy Cheap And Sell Dear
Point That Thing At Somebody Else, Would Yah?

Moment of Crisis

Such choices led found him not only on the wrong side of the law, but on the wrong side of the established organization that managed such activity in Shodan. The mafiosi caught up to Petey first, and left him for dead on an orbital station. He was discovered and put back together by ‘Slim’ – a Mir native who was himself indentured to Tannhauser interests in-system surveying Shodan for biological exploitation. Slim exercised his medical expertise on Pete’s behalf, and even supplemented it with some pilfered Tannhauser tech. Once back in working order, ‘Petey’ Crass decided to start looking for a way out of his native system.

I Knew My Luck Wouldn’t Last Forever
Cybernetic Replacement Parts with the Serial Numbers Filed Off


While water, foodstuffs and parts were the normal cargo transported by the Crass family, passengers were not unheard of. Before Pete’s run-in with the local criminal underground, he found himself in the middle of a delicate situation when he rescued Watson, a stranded prospector on an outer-system station. It was not until later that Watson was implicated in the destruction of a nearby habitat. Watson claimed innocence, and Pete provided him with transport to a nearby derelict station where Watson staked a claim on a largely functional slipship. Later, after being patched up by ‘Slim,’ Pete was to remember that Watson, himself on the lam from Shodani law, could provide him with a means out of the system. Best of all, Watson was already in his debt – if not for Pete he’d be a corpse-sickle in deep space orbit around Shodan’s star.

Hey Buddy, You Owe Me One
In For A Penny, In For A Pound

On Your Own

Today ‘Petey’ Crass is enjoying the chance to see the rest of the cluster, serving as steward and bursar on board the “Pride of Shodan” – Watson’s salvaged and largely functional T3 ship. He’s had a chance to make contacts in ports of call in Cin, Ford, Eyesore and Tannhauser itself, and of course his Shodani contacts have served him well. Under his careful guidance, the crew has so far managed to turn enough of a profit to keep the “POS” in operation.

A Client In Every Port
Profit Is Where You Find It


Peter 'Petey' Crass

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