Craggy Engineer


Skill Tree:
5: Engineering
4: EVA, Stamina
3: MicroG, Resolve, Agility
2: Close Combat, Slug Thrower, Culture/Tech (Cin, Tannhauser, Eyesore), Computer
1: Intimidate, Science, Medical, Tactics, Survival

Military-Grade Engineering
Thump of Restoration
Have a Thing: Omni-tool


Growing Up

Halabaster was born in the rattling hull of a space cruiser as it passed through the slipstream. If he could have peered out the port hole, he would’ve seen the brilliant array of colors only visible in the mysterious slip tunnels spread across the cluster. Unfortunately, all Hal saw through his new eyes were the dying breaths of his mother as she faded from this life. Their travels led them to Tannhauser, but it could have anywhere. Hal’s family had been nomads in the Theia cluster for generations travelling from star to star fixing ships and hulls for their betters. Without much money and now with one less parent, he was destined to continue his family’s legacy.
“Void Born”
“Born With A Spanner In His Hand”

Starting Out

Though Hal didn’t have much choice, he was pleased to follow in his father’s footsteps. Their travels took them across the cluster and he felt no more at home than in the engineroom of a cruiser deep in space. It was on an asteroid in Eyesore that his fate changed. During a routine maintenance of some mining equipment, the crew triggered an ancient explosive—a reminant from a conflict no one remembered—tearing the asteroid to shreds. Hal and his father were badly injured, while the rest of the crew were killed. Though Tannhauser commisioned the work, they offered no assistance to the injured. Instead they offered them loans to help pay for the medical bills. Being comatose at the time of the offer, they had no choice but to accept. When Hal awoke months later he learned that his father was dead and he had been enlisted in the Tannhauser military to pay off his debts.
“Space Legs”
“This Spanner Kills Fascists” or something else

Moment of Crisis (feat. Watson Helll)

Hal’s time in the Tannhauser military was long and before he knew it he had been at it for twenty five years. He raised through the ranks and became a Chief Engineer. Though he now had rank and nominal amount of presitege, his debt still loomed large. He mostly kept to himself and found solace in keeping the hulls together and engines running. It was during a scounting mission to the recently discovered Shodan cluster that he realized just how lost he was. The Tannhauser ship came across an abandoned outpost. The registered life forms in and about the complex, but no weapons systems were armed. Despite Hal’s objections, the captain treated the station as hostile and opened fire. At great personal risk, disobeyed orders and flew into the fray to rescue a young explorer named Watson Helll. Hal gave Watson his ship and sent him on his way, warning him that Tannhauser was making their way through the system and no one was safe. As Hal ejected himself from the airlock, Watson vowed he’d one day repay his kindness. The Tannhauser ship picked up Hal and Watson was able to escape. For his troubles, Hal was demoted to Engineer 2nd class and spent six months in the brig.
“Not Today”
“Kids Today” or “This Spanner Kills Fascists”

Sidetracked (feat. Dirk Dirkington the Dirkteenth)

During a routine “peacekeeping” mission to Eyesore to quell a “wildcat” mining operation, Hal’s ship came under attack. Tannhauser underestimated the miners and was ill-equipped to handle the situation. The ship took heavy fire and massive explosions bounced Hal around the engineering deck. With lives in the balance, Hal worked against his own aching body to secure the ship and close off the airlocks, but not before the captain, Dirk Dirkington was ejected into space. While maintaining the engines and what little life support was still available, Hal got the from Dirk who was dying out in the cold. His flight suit had been damaged and he was losing air quickly. Over the radio he was able to instruct Dirk on how to reroute his life support system and repair the damage to the suit so he could return to the ship. In return, Dirk offered to use his family’s influence and wealth to not only pay his debt, but to get him an honorable discharge from the military. Though Hal didn’t like someone fighting his battles for him, he realized Tannhauser military service is a young man’s game and took Dirk up on his offer. In addition, Dirk was able to secure for him the proper nest egg to get him on his feet in Cin that his forefathers were never afforded.
“I just reserved the polarity of the neutron flow”
“I’m too old for this shit”

On Your Own

Hal adjusted nicely to a humble life floating around Cin. He spends his days fixing old cruisers and his nights… fixing old cruisers. Though semi-retirement has been nice, he’s been rather bored. Watson contacted him inquiring if he’d like to be the engineer on his ship. Hal never wanting to admit that he was over hill, accepted and recommended an ace pilot in the form of Dirk Dirkington. He’ll soon learn whether it’s better to live on your feet than die in your easy chair.
“I’ve Forgotten More Than You’ll Ever Know about…”
“Still Got It”


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