Untangling the Knot

The Love Below: A Meeting with A3K

Note: We were terribly drunk

- The core of the asteroid is vacuum-engulfed, the many buildings and transport zones pressurized in protection from space. Stepping through the pressurized corridors and hallways, the team listens into a local news broadcast: Tannhauser authorities are on the look-out for a passing-through vessel that looks pretty close to the POS, which fired upon a Tannhauser “diplomatic vessel.” Halabaster tries to faze out the signal before the reward info pops up, but manages only to flicker the LCD a bit.

- The team moves out to find Andre’s home. When they do reach his home and declining to bust through the drywall and shout “OH YEAH,” the team rings the doorbell and finds a boy opening the door. Dirk says “Hey, we’re old service friends of your father’s, is he still around?” To which the boy says, “Daaad! There’s some guys here to see you.” His dad, Andre, walks to the door and notices the team hanging around and immediately dives his hand into his pocket. Luckily, Dirk explains the situation and the team walks in. Publicity photos of Leela Jan stack the walls. Speaking about Jost, Andre confirms that he did send the communications to him, but he’s concerned about the recon done against Jost – more for his own safety than Jost’s. According to Andre, Tannhauser authority wanted to avoid any bureaucratic fallout by citing that all hands on the wildcat ship was lost – despite being a strong point for intelligence. Leela was found on the ship and was interrogated, but at some point escaped until she was seen by the mining operators. Word about her being worked over by Tannhauser intelligence would probably not bode well, so it’s likely she never left that ship. Unfortunately, that also included the remainder of the crew who saw her.

- Andre mentions, with some caution, that the location of the Rain Delay was not just a safehouse, but also a point of diplomatic negotiation, for when no discussion needs further mention.


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