Untangling the Knot

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- On board the Lickety Split (complete with beam weapons, vector randomizer, fast speed, but a frail frame), the “pilot” of the ship announces “I’ve decided to re-pressurize the ship. Tamber left 3.02×10^5 seconds ago, attempting to find a buyer for the Shekkanah, and it is increasingly likely that she will not be returning. As armed agents have taken an interest in ‘me’ perhaps you should explain about the Shekkanah.”

- The team drops an info dump on him, and the ship replies: “My instructions from Tamber were to wait, to avoid contact and discovery, until her return. I tried to keep tabs on the archaeological contacts within the ‘Fancy Party,’ perhaps a mistake as you have found me here. However, since you are willing to find the Shekkanah, I will assist you.”

- The ship moves through Cin and stops to resupply. With some negotiation, the ship bounces on to Eyesore in a matter of weeks. As the ship is making its way back, ship comms pick up encrypted Tannhauser chatter similar to the hack job done by interceptor ships earlier. The ship appears to be heading from the slipknot into the Cin system, approaching the same course to the resupply station. Piloting slowly towards the slipknot slowly parallel to the Tannhauser ship, the Lickety Split zooms into Eyesore to find the Rain Delay.

- Since the ship hasn’t been underpowered and was on a very specific trajectory that the crew remembers, the comms puts out a ping on chatter near the solar space that the ship could’ve been in. Two refinery stations are picked up in the vicinity, and the crew gets an idea about what kind of power plant that ship may have had. Interference, however, can’t distinguish between them and the millions of km of space between them. Because of this, the crew decides to find settlements in the area that may have people who’ve seen clues to the location.

- The ship moves into a wildcat mining operation, no love lost in this sector for Tannhauser. The ship docks in, receiving a few weird looks on the way to a local bar. Posing as salvage guys who’ve heard about a Tannhauser refinery that used to be in the area, Halabaster and Ronk chat up the bartender to grab some info. The bartender groans back, “Yeah, there is a crew that prospects out here, sometimes coming with salvaged tech.” He calls them ‘K-9 Prospecting’ and points out their location.

- Keeping in mind that the system’s spread across kilometers of floating stations attached to asteroids, the crew wanders toward K-9’s spot out in Eyesore. The crew chats them up: “We’ve got a score out here and we need some help to carry it all.” K-9 replies back, “Why the fuck would I come out with you all out of the blue, on a score that you don’t know its location?” Halabaster ingratiates and K-9 warily agrees to follow out to some possible locations, in spite of the orbit having not a lot in it – just a waystation below the radar, off the grid, with people who may have already found it. Halabaster offers his coil gun and Halabaster offers to show him how to use it. K-9 immediately dismantles the gun for parts.

- The crew head out to the waystation, code-named “Seventh Inning Stetch.” As the crew blows a week traveling to the station, they’re ‘aw hail’d’ by a navigating ship. The ship offers a tether to guide them through, for a price. The Rain Delay appears in view, next to a giant asteroid, which is the exact place the ship indicates to go.

- Making their way into a cavity inside the asteroid, the ship docks in, pressurizing the ship with their docking collar, greeted by a man who says, “Hey, welcome to the ‘Seventh Inning Stretch,’ ya’ll know why you’re here,” and walks off.

- The chamber reeks of seamy deals and fenced goods. Watson pulls up a local terminal and plays around with it (read: hack it) and finds some history about the station. The ship was discovered two years back who saw a flash of light resulting from a ship impacting with the asteroid. over the last two years, prospectors have tunneled out the ship and established it as a settlement for more unsavory elements. The first founder, “Benny,” still calls the shots at the station. Watson also finds some maintenance records and a map of the area.

- The crew finds Benny, perfectly happy to meet the crew, though threatening them to not make him regret it. Halabaster gives out the same schtick he did to K-9, and Benny replies, “Hey, all systems and equipment have been moved into the asteroid for over a year now. Ship’s obviously fell under attack – don’t know, don’t care – place is a
mausoleum.” Halabaster tries to negotiate his way over to the Rain Delay, but Benny keeps mentioning that most of the ship’s either floating in zero-G and had remains ‘buried’ in various quarters.


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