Untangling the Knot

Meyhem in the Megalopolis

- Mystery man dashes out through the door of the bar and everyone gives chase through a small alley, leading out to oncoming heavy traffic

- Ronk runs his ass off with his “bastard bravery” and bolts one zone close to the mystery man, busting through the building and one very confused secretary. Slim catches up to the sidewalk and slams into a courier with a bike. Down on the ground, Slim crawls up to the bike and starts wheeling off, yelling behind himself “This will only take a second!”

- The rest of the crew catches up behind everyone, with Watson exiting out a pawn shop after hearing the sudden honking of cars. He calls up Halabaster to ask about what’s going on, cutting through an alley off the corner.

- The chase continues through office hallways and cubicle farms, with Ronk busting out and harassing the first office drone that bumps into him.

- Slim bolts through the building, cuts a corner straight into the office drone and in the next moment finds himself prostrate, head parallel to the carpet, mumbling with his hand to his head, “This is why he can’t have nice things.”

- Halabaster busts through the hallway, yelling out “Not today!” and noticed that the door-handle at the end of the hall leading out was locked up – it feels like the door was zip-tied. The mystery man’s messenger bag snags up. He keeps yanking at it, not willing to part with the bag.

- Ronk takes a quick peek through the office floors and finds an office chair. From outside, bystandards watch a chair shattering on the pavement below and shield themselves from falling glass. Watson continues to talk out what’s around them via his “Quadcorder.”

- Slim stands up and dashes toward the zip-tied door. Cracking the door open and finding the zip-tie binding the outside, he whips out a scalpel from his Surgical kit and slice straight through the line.

- Dirk loads on the schmooze and the red tape on the office drone with the best bullshit “Form 738C” and a five in Bureaucracy can buy.

- Halabaster walks out the door and whips out his sonic screwdriver to disable the now knocked-down mystery man’s ear phone. Mystery man keeps shouting out “Goddamnit get me the fuck out of here, there’s a dozen or somethin’, do whatever you have to do -”. He tries to scramble on all fours down an alley.

- Ronk grabs a marble penholder and, aiming it at the Mystery Man, wings it out. Ronk hears an “AH FUCK” echoing from the alley entrance, while Slim catches up to the end of the Man’s bag.

- Halabaster takes a moment to “engineer” the door AKA jam the shit out of it to stall any incoming security.

- Mystery Man lightens his load by throwing his bag on the ground and slips away from the group. The party snatches up the satchel and heads to the safest zone they can think of: the spaceport. Walking back to “The Deuce” and searching through the bag, a T3 concealable “targeting pistol” straight out of Tannhauser. Dirk thinks this pistol is very familiar among intelligence circles. Also in the bag are some Tannhauser credits and a recording device.

- Playing the recording device, the team hears a series of case logs with some recordings under the Mystery Man’s voice, others with different voices. The Mystery Man’s voice mentions the team’s arrival on Ford under his name, Agent Riveree. Riveree arrived Ford-side and would meet with his contact and conduct surveillance against “the target” and see if this target’s contacted “Tamber Kord’s pilot.” One entry has mentioned that the target’s communications’ streams have been targeted.

- Another entry from a few days ago has the Agent frustrated, though he has discovered that the target is attempting to find members of his former crew and that he would step up his surveillance. The last entry finds him going to investigate the target at the bar: “The target apparently does not know if the men taken off the ‘Rain Delay’ were intelligence, but I don’t know if he knew if Lela-Jan was on board.”

- Lela-Jan was a pop-culture icon with a charitable streak. “Was” being the operative word, since she has been dead for two years, last known to be participating in a good-will tour in Eyesore until her ship disappeared in the area. Her disappearance coincides with the Rain Delay incident.

- Trying to find references on Tamber Kord, a quick search points to a general feminine name – no real leads. Searching more specific terms, a couple dozen Tamber Kords at Ford are registered as ship pilots. Narrowing the search to the last three years, no names appear. In the last five years, about six appear.


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