Untangling the Knot

Jost's Apartment / Slipstream Shootout

- The team heads over to Jost’s apartment to talk with him about Tamber Kord, as well as to sweep for bugs in his apartment, possibly tracing any clues to who is tracking him

- As Jost opens his door, Dirk motions that there may be bugs in his apartment. Halabaster sweeps the place, relying on his computer skills and his omni-tool. Inside his living area, he finds a rather sophisticated device tacked on with T3 nanite ticky-tacky. Slim checks out the device: it definitely looks like a Tannhauser device with a short range, but linked to what, no one is sure.

- Watson notices a comm lead over to a small cigarette packet, a “dead drop” to be snatched up later. To which Jost replies “Now what is going on?” Halabaster destroys the bug and questions Jost on why he even asked for help. Jost levels with the team and says that he got a message from a former enlistee Andre “3K” Benjamin, who wanted to talk about the Rain Delay. He feared for his life due to some bit of news he heard about the Rain Delay, obviously frightened. Jost never heard any other mention of himself after his last message, and the delay In interstellar communication has given him no other news.

- The crew suspects it’s Tannhauser security after Jost, describing the man with the messenger bag, flashing the gun towards Jost, and that they’ve been tracing him for a long time. Jost seems incredulous what with the distance between Tannhauser and Ford.

- Watson scopes out the apartment and can’t find any device transmitting on the same frequency, the team picks up the dead drop and heads out to a nearby park. Jost mentions that, as far as he knows, he’s the only one who knew about Andre’s family on Cin. If there’s any place to start finding his last known location, it’s there.

- Ronk intimidates Jost to find a safe place to stay, and Jost decides to take the dead drop over to Ford security and use it as a means of persuading some security.

- The team circles out in the Deuce back into the POS, flush their engines and slip out to Cin. On their way out, they receive news that Ford is now in the process of building a refueling station on the edge of the slipknot sector, highly trafficked despite the construction. The trip takes about a week up to the slipknot without any non-bureaucratic difficulty. Petey chats about Cin’s ship infrastructure, largely composed of ferry ships and transports for the various cartels, notably the “Papa Doc” Presidents Fat Georgie and Skinny Jorge.

- A ship seemed to be tailing us, however: an interceptor-class Tannhauser vessel that’s “behind a wall of torpedoes,” seemingly “fragile,” and “hard to control.” First Ensign Sly Slap Nuts Jackass AKA “Slappy” the Navigator throws out the longest points between the POS and the interceptor.

- The interceptor closes in, hailing as Shodani authorities, advising the team to prepare for boarding. Slim flips off the comms and starts to scramble up their communications to stall a bit, while Ronk holds as patiently as he can not to “shit hot laser death” on them. Watson thinks on his feet and activates an old satellite to use as decoy chaff. Unfortunately, the interceptor launches a volley of torpedoes, closing in fast on the ship. and Ronk finds “everything is a target,” clearing out all of the torpedoes.

- Ronk sights out on the missile bay and pulls the trigger on the beam cannons, knowing where to hit them where it hurts. Their vector randomizer dilutes the beam shots but it manages to rake across the hull. The decoy picks up the ships communication and confuses the interceptor, making it think “the call’s coming from inside the house.” Dak Mantaur, torpedo man, launches weapons at the craft, a few connecting with torpedoes, a few connecting with the ship.

- Facing down a few straggling torpedoes, Ronk locks on with beams and wipes out their offense volley. The interceptor’s ship, fragile and busy with repairs, and Dirk kicks in V-Tec and jets the POS out of their range.

- Slim and Watson captured and decoded quite a bit of information leading to a Tannhauser frequency that mimics the same frequency as the dead drop. Halabaster mentions a salvage yard specializing in Shodani hulks. Zipping towards a Cin asteroid, the POS huddles down into the salvage yard, planning on taking the Deuce to find Andre’s place.

- Petey Crass sells out his no-more-than-forty-five-percent-ill-gotten gains for parts and maintenance, plus scrapes out a profit


martiniconqueso dagonaut

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