Untangling the Knot


Note: Matt was out.

Story lead in:
The Pride of Shodan has just returned from a routine salvage mission in Shodan and landed in a space dock in the atmosphere of Ford (the eponymous capitol of the Ford system). Upon arriving Dirk receives a message that has been waiting for him for approximately two weeks. It was left based on Dirk’s last known location hoping that it may find him. The message was left by the Memory Lapse’s Quartermaster, Jost Collory asking Dirk to contact him and meet somewhere on Ford. Hal and Ronk recall Collory from their time on the Memory Lapse, but don’t know him well.

Tracking down Collory was not a difficult task and the team meets him at a bar (The Three-Legged Pony) in the heart of the bustling megalopolis. Upon arriving in town, Watson heads out to do some shopping for additional supplies while they catch up with our old ship-mate.

The bar is no different than any other; busy enough for good tips to the barman, but calm enough to get a seat. Ronk’s suspicious nature has him standing on the side observing the scene, just in case things get rowdy. Pleasantries go back and forth, but don’t last long and Collory gets down to business. He’s called Dirk here because there have been a few events recently involving former members of the Memory Lapse, that seem odd . As he gets into it, we learn that Lt. Commander Harlock was killed in a bar fight in Cin and Captain Chandrasekhar has apparently committed suicide following his court-martial for conduct unbecoming. Though one can not account for the twists and turns life presents, neither of these men seemed the type to die in this fashion. In addition to the deaths, it is revealed that these men were crew members during the infamous incident involving the Rain Delay. Though the events with the Rain Delay were not news, it still stings some of the members of the crew as they recall the blood bath.

Collory goes on to explain that he was ordered to prepare additional living quarters on Memory Lapse during the incident. A boarding party of eighteen went to the Rain Delay, but twenty returned, and as Ronk can attest, no one on the Rain Delay was left alive.

Collory is concerned about his safety and ours. Though he makes no specific requests, he’s curious if we know anything.

About this time, Ronk notices a man standing on the side with a communication device in his ear. The man has taken notice of our table and appears to be watching us. When Ronk calls him out on his activities, the man bolts out the back of the bar.


martiniconqueso dagonaut

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