Untangling the Knot

Critical Beatdown on the Lickety Split

- The two interceptor ships slow to a crawl, a group of men in power armor ejecting towards the POS. A hail on all frequencies pinpoints the men in between the POS and the Lickety Split. The message asks the men to stand down and prevent the use of authorized force.

The voice in the cabin reads “You are not Tamber Kord: leave or I shall be forced to take appropriate measures.”

- Halabaster tries to whip out his good ‘ol Southern charm and instead stammers out an "Hey look we’re just trying to help out," which the machine replies “If you were truly friends, you would’ve helped her out three years ago.” The voice does acknowledge that it is the pilot of the ship, but not before a pause, and the plain acknowledgement that Tannhauser forces have begun breaching the ship.
(Characteristics include: vacuum, dimly lit)

- Another group approaches the POS.

- Zork Gradius wishes his brother Grue well, and Zork and Sandman head out to get ready to drop the deuce.

- Meanwhile, the voice on the ship plainly states “Two Interceptor ships have departed. The approaching men appear to be Tannhauser military, yes? There are weapons in the ship’s engineering plant. There is a coil gun and civilian pistols designed for micro-G combat.”

- Halabaster doggie-paddles in zero-G to the engineering plant, while Dirk covers the door.

- Sandman points out the narrowest gap between the Deuce and the station, next to the troops, and Zork looks at him like he’s a fucking idiot, but steers it ever-so-close to the station, with Ronk bitching out over encrypted comms that they’re both fucking it up MORE LEFT, and he watches on the screen the Deuce slip over and speed through a group of soldiers, disrupting them.

- Ronk pulls up to the top turret in the cabin, whips it around, and vaporizes the first incoming space armor that pops in his vision. Dirk floats over to the door, covering against incoming slugs. The armors spend their time shoving themselves into the small opening they’ve created in the hull. Halabaster snatches a gun out of the lockers in the plant while Watson runs himself into the hull and tumbles back.

- Zork and Sandman twist the ship around and busy slamming the Deuce toward the marines coming in, while on board the ship, Ronk aims his gun and tries to stencil on their armor “Don’t fuck with me” – with bullets.

- The suits return his arts and crafts attempt with full-auto fire, and the team falls back from the bullet storm, now suffering from acute cases of spontaneous blood loss. Returning fire, the suits find themselves rattled, their ears ringing. Watson slips back with bad ships while Dirk steps up towards one suit and points his weapons at his head, the suit now finding his hands that were once covering his ears are no longer there.

- Zork drives back towards the troops floating in space, spins the ship around with the exhaust pointing right at them, and lights up the engines.

- Ronk plants his bastard-brave ass in front of a ship doorway, braces his gun-holding arm on the wall, and shouts “ONLY FOR KILLING.” Halabaster, being too old for this shit, whips his spanner out and fires, then doubles back while Watson fans his gun in covering fire.

- The radio in the Deuce lights up and Jazz Taphands shouts out “Man I think we can keep them at range but that’s the best we can hope for.”

- The Deuce bends for one more move between the last two suits floating around, the one behind bubbling in his suit from the gas ejection, while the other’s micro-G makes a satisfying klonk on the hull of the craft.

- Back on the Lickety Split, Ronk fires bursts at the floor for ricochet fire, listening to the puncture of armor and pleas of surrender. The remaining suits lie down and exchange their mission in exchange for information about their mission. The military wanted the suits to find the pilot of ‘some bitch named Tamber Kord.’ Tannhauser intelligence should’ve been working at the helm of this mission, but one of the suits mentioned that a Millerite was working alongside them. (Millerites are a sect of technocrats who fear that Tannhauser technology is at the point of crash, and that the unfettered growth of tech will lead to T4 collapse). There’s also mention of the Shekanah – the ‘dwelling of God,’ an ark of the Covenant, that the intel members were discussing with the Millerite.

- The ship’s computer lights back on, and both the team and the pilot compare notes: the pilot knows that Tannhauser intelligence is looking for him, though they don’t know what “he” is. Tamber Kord seemed to have found in a gas giant system the Shekanah, and wanted to sell this location, but decided to hide it and secure it for safe keeping. The pilot notes that inside a small Shodani locket is what she had, and was sealed with a code, which he knows, but not the location of it. Tamber’s last location was somewhere in Cin to find a buyer. And Leela Jan, being one of her last contacts, and one of the victims of Tannhauser intel, may be the holder of the locket.


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